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Turns out I missed blogging about the latest Ghost update... back in November...

Ghost Demo4 is up on the demo list showing the sinusoidal extractor doing some very early sinusoidal tracking frame to frame, and a very early example of the analysis performing real sinusoidal/non-sinusoidal audio splitting. Pictures and interactive listening, oh my!

It looks like I'll be putting a month or two into transOgg before getting back to Ghost work (and demo 5). The work that went into demo4 raised a number of questions I'm not sure how to approach answering yet, so I'm going to let that percolate for a bit.

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I'd mentioned in the previous update that we're (Xiph is) using a chirp estimation algorithm that we published back in 2007, and that the original paper has precious little space to devote to describing in detail how the algorithm actually performed. One of the upshots of not having done extensive characterization tests of our own algorithm was that it has already surprised me a few times this year (in both good and bad ways).

Therefore, Ghost Update 20110604 concerns itself with describing and graphing algorithm behavior in mind-numbing detail.

Death! By! Graphs!

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Not actually last month, but pretty close at this point.

I never publically released the my previous Ghost update delivered internally to Red Hat at the beginning of the month because I hadn't finished some of the diagrams I wanted to do for the last section on chirp coding. Well, the diagrams are done! Here's the latest Ghost demo update, just in time for the next one to almost be due!


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