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With tonight's double-release (well... release candidates) of libvorbis 1.2.2 and libogg 1.1.4, this has been quite a month of software releases. In addition to Ogg and Vorbis, Ralph, Tim and Greg have cut a second alpha of Thusnelda and I managed to push out some vanity software on my own time-- a new release of gPlanarity and the beginnings of getting the Gimp monkey off my back. No, not the new resampler, but a number of TileCache fixes that looked pretty necessary.

Whoof. Getting tired. But cdparanoia, two more libvorbis releases and a whooole lotta documentation come next.

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Denton turned two on the seventh, unfortunately he's been sick since and tonight's been especially rough. I just got to uploading some of the pics off the camera, but just getting this one ready to post has been two hours of interruptions, running upstairs to comfort him every ten minutes or so. Poor little guy. Camilla's taking a turn with him, so I finally got time to finish the post.

Also.... hooray for noise reduction algorithms that work:

The original before running it through the little denoise plugin I've written for Gimp. Almost makes ISO 1600 useful :-)


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