Nov. 19th, 2017 07:13 am
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A cold, wet dawn outside the workshop in NH today, sleet hitting the windows...

It's nice and snug inside, though. Time to get some French Toast on.


Nov. 15th, 2017 11:04 am
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I haven't forgotten about Workbenchapalooza2017, it's just that work got busy and ate all my weekends the past couple of months. I've been stealing a few hours here and there.

I finally completed initial assembly of the prototype/archetype workbench I'll be using in the workshop. Design criteria:

  1. Inexpensive materials
  2. No fussy joints; it's all flat-stock glue & screw.
  3. Stong and rigid; top section is a 7.5"-thick box-beam that will take a sledgehammer blow.
  4. Easily replaceable top surface; it's just a trimmed sheet of 3/4" particle board with some optional edging.
  5. Storage; "I could count myself the king of infinite space were it not that I needed more flat surfaces."
  6. Drawers are just an optional insert.
  7. Disassemblable; it tears down into several flat panels.

I have dubbed the design 'Bork', which is either short for Borkwench, or alternatively in honor of Ikea. Your pick.

The assembly fit is a little subpar as it was the working development prototype, but I think it's also good enough to be the first production unit. Now for a bunch more.


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