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I've modded nearly 300 X61 inverters to drive LEDs over the past four years, and I thought I'd seen all the possible FRUs. NOPE.

Not listed in the hardware reference or parts cross-reference: the Sumida FRU 41W1024. Undeniably an X61 inverter.

And here it is, before modification, for reference purposes.

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The prototype boards are back from OSHPark. Dang, they did a really nice job.

Not perfect, but the cosmetic errors are mine; I submitted the protos to about 10 online PCB joints to see who'd actually make them to my DRC spec, and a few bits like silkscreen holdoff didn't actually match everywhere. I can adjust that for a real run.

OSHPark was one of two places willing to do 6mil/6mil 2oz without several rounds of human intervention. The other is DirtyPCBs, and I can't wait to see what comes back from there. Suffice to say I hope they're serviceable (as they're about 1/10th the cost in batches of 100), but it's highly unlikely they'll be as nice as this.

Maybe I can push the rest of the BOM to be able to afford the difference, I really like these...

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....w00t! Found the missing Thinkpad inverter stash! That should hold me through Christmas.


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