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The local mockingbirds have fired up the springtime brood-vats, and I was surprised to hear fledgelings begging for food yesterday.

I was pretty sure I could hear three of them, and finally managed to catch the whole brood in one place (otherwise, not a great picture).

This also afforded some opportunity to practice driving stick on the camera (handheld shooting a manual focus long telephoto)!

many more large pics under the cut! )

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Now that we have an unnaturally early spring^H^H^H^H^H^Hsummer here in New England, I finally had a few patches of green grass against which to try white balancing the new-ish D7000 with an IR filter in place.

Persistence payed off... it will do it!

Sadly, the Sigma zoom shows a huge honking hotspot in most shots. I shall have to try the primes and ancient Tamron zoombeast next.


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