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I've not posted many entries in the past year-- practically none at all in fact. There's something entirely different about coding and writing prose that makes it difficult to shift between one and the other. Nor have I been particularly good (or even acceptably bad) about responding to questions and replies, especially those asking where Daala is, or where Daala is going in the era of AOM.

In the meantime, though, Jean-Marc has written another demo-style post that revisits many of the techniques we've tried out in Daala while applying the benefit of hindsight. I've got a number of my own comments I want to make about what he's written, but in the meantime it's an excellent technical summary.


Date: 2016-06-08 10:59 pm (UTC)
From: (Anonymous)
Which bits and pieces from Daala do you reckon will be in AV1? Also, how is the progress on AV1? I have checked AWCY and only noticed slight improvements when compared to HEVC. I assume that most of the AV1 builds found there are those without any Daala components to help improve metrics. Still cool to see the progress Daala has made these past few months :)


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