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Following up on my previous post about finding a source of legit NOS 12.1" SXGA screens for X62 builds, the most recent batch I ordered was not all roses. So proceed with caution.

First and foremost, these screens definitely are not and never were true NOS. Since getting a few duds (more in a bit) I've dug through all their ROM contents, and the model and serial numbers don't match up between components. In fact, I think whoever's rebuilding them has access to equipment for heat-bonding flex cables, because I don't think all the controller boards even match the glass matrices.

That's not really a problem in and of itself. These parts were mostly interchangeable, and I approve of not wasting good bits if you can mix and match them into perfectly good screens.

Unfortunately, I've gotten a few screens with glue seeping into the diffusers, and using replacement polarizer films that don't match OEM. The semi-unforgiveable sin was a few panels showing up with *glossy* front films.

Overall, I've still had better luck overall with these screens than most of the rebuilds I've bought in the past. Four years ago, crappy rebuilds were going for $300+. Even if I'm getting a few duds I'm not going to pass along, the hit rate is still better than it has been in a while.

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